Online Dating Tips in Thailand


Are you a single guy looking to date Thai girls? While you may be many thousands of miles away from Thailand, online dating can put the Thai girl of your dreams at your fingertips.


Don’t think that online dating is just for creepy people. Over half the online population has tried online dating at one point or another. Even many of those who haven’t officially signed up on an online dating site have tried meeting people on Facebook, MySpace, and other online websites.


Despite so many people hopping on the online dating trend and with more and more men starting to look to meet Thai women, many of them are making common mistakes that hurt their chances of meeting the right person. Many of the tips I’m about to share are common sense for some but you would be surprised at how many people aren’t aware of them.


First off, take your time. Don’t rush to find a girl and don’t rush to get into a relationship. Rushed romances tend to fizzle out quickly.


Make your profile friendly and entertaining. Don’t talk about the things you hate or dislike. Be positive and upbeat. Don’t complain or seem like a downer. Thai girls like positive, upbeat people.


Don’t be so specific in your profile that nobody in the world will meet your specifications. First off, it turns off many potential dates and makes you seem boring and overly analytical.


Thai women can somtimes seem shy until they build up a certain level of comfort with you. Many men are used to the western pace of dating and have forgotten the subtelty of seduction. Thai girls love to be courted. Play into their desire to be swept off thier feet.


Don’t get too wordy. English is a second language for most Thai girls and as such it’s not as easy for them to read through your 10 page manifesto love letter. Understand that short messages that are easy to read will get you a lot farther than long messages which may be difficult for her to comprehend.


Upload a picture of yourself! Guys, really, would you show interest in a girl who had no profile picture? Of course not. So, be ready to do the same.


Your profile picture should be friendly. Smiles go a long way in Thailand. After all, Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles.


Make use of free dating sites as well as the free trial period available on many of the Thai dating websites. Don’t plunk down your cash until you’ve had a chance to try things out first and determine if the site has all of the features you need to find your special Thai gal.


Have fun! No need to get all stressed out and be in a hurry to meet someone. Dating, especially dating in Thailand, is a numbers game. You’ll meet some bad apples but don’t let it get your down. Every girl you meet is simply a step on your path to meeting the Thai girl for you.


Don’t build up a persona that won’t stand up to meeting you in real life. In other words, use a recent photo, not the one of you 10 years and 20 kg ago. Be honest in your description of yourself. If you’re 5′ 8″ you can cheat it to 5′ 9″ but you’re setting the girls up for disappointment if you say that you’re 6′ 2″ and when you meet you’re not.


Keep your phone number and other personal information private until you’ve gotten to know someone fairly well. You don’t want to hand out your number to anyone and wind up getting random phone calls at all hours of the day and night.




Keep the above points in mind as you search for that special Thai girl. But no matter what, remember it’s all a learning experience and try to keep a positive attitude towards it. Every date, every chat, every message is a step towards finding that special Thai love.